“Whether I'm thinking about farming or doing the dishes, I'm always looking for a more efficient way—it's just who I am.”

Norbert Beaujot
President Dot Technology Corp., P.Eng., Farmer


In 2014, Norbert Beaujot started thinking about building an autonomous seeder and realized that if a powered platform could be adapted to facilitate other implements, it would have more value for farmers.


  • Saving more than 20% on farm fuel, labour and equipment capital costs.
  • Reducing your CO2 emissions by 20%.
  • Gaining more than 20% on your equipment’s future trade-in value.
  • Easily and economically rescaling your equipment to your future farm size. (Small and large farms becoming more efficient and profitable.)
  • Reducing overlap while improving turning and filling efficiencies.
  • Simplified secure, cloud-based data storage.
  • Stocking only one type of oil filter for all of your farms power units.

With Dot, it’s all possible... and more.

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Jan 22, Feb 26, Mar 25, 2020
Demonstrations - 2:30pm- 7:00pm
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